In Tuesday’s paper, we published a letter from Terence McManus of New Sharon asserting that Lt. Col. Oliver North defended the installation of a home security system because his family had been threatened. While North certainly did defend the security system purchase, he was not questioned by then Sen. Al Gore and the terrorist who made the threat was not Osama bin Laden.

According to the U.S. Senate, “Oliver North testified about a home security system during a July 7, 1987 joint Senate-House hearing on the Iran-Contra investigation. The questioner was not a senator, but committee counsel John Nields. Col. North testified the security system was installed because threats were made on his life by terrorist Abu Nidal.”

We received a number of letters and phone calls alerting us to the error and appreciate that our readers are paying attention. Better attention, in this case, than the editors. We apologize for perpetuating incorrect information.