Corrections: Names omitted; No dance; Stamp event Nov. 8


Two more names added

LEWISTON — A photo caption of the Holy Family Council 10019, Knights of Columbus, published Thursday, Oct. 23, should have listed George Bourgoin, deputy grand knight, and Tim Viens, chancellor, who were absent when the photo was taken. The information was not provided to the Sun Journal.

No dance at Washburn-Norlands

LIVERMORE — A headline on a story published on Page B3 of Wednesday’s Franklin edition should not have said there will be a dance at the Washburn-Norlands History Center’s Veterans Day Remembrance Dinner and Civil War Program on Saturday, Nov. 8.

Date was incorrect

PARIS — A Check it Out item published on Page B3 of the Oxford Hills edition Wednesday should have said the Christmas Stamp-a-Stack at the Maine Veterans’ Home will be held Saturday, Nov. 8.