Corrupt relationship


The Exxon Valdez and recent BP oil disasters point to a huge wrong being perpetrated on American citizens and small businesses. The wrong is in the caps that have been placed on industry payments and liabilities without proper review and approval by federal agencies. Given:

• the horrendous consequences being revealed daily in the BP incident; and

• the corrupt, even salacious relationship now evident between government agencies and corporate entities;

it is now painfully obvious that the entire regulatory structure must be thoroughly reviewed and revised to meet the requirements of a safe, environmentally sound program of qualification, regulation and comprehensive compensation.  All losses and damages suffered by small businesses and private citizens must be fairly and promptly compensated.

It is fundamentally unfair and should be made a criminal offense to practice “cost externalization” at the expense of an unsuspecting, intentionally misinformed citizenry. That practice must be terminated — along with those who make a living by inflicting externalized costs of doing business on the rest of us. 

This is one more glaring example of why our elections must be 100 percent publicly funded. We must no longer tolerate the costs of corporate entities buying and subsidizing our elected officials and the kind of legislation that serves us ill at every turn.

We, the people must wake up, get smart on the root cause issues,  and get active.

Seabury and Sharon Lyon, Bethel