Council wants more info about tattoo licenses


AUBURN – Felons with five years of clean living could qualify to become tattooists in the city limits, according to a council proposal.

Councilors voted Tuesday to change city ordinances to let felons who have kept their records clean for the previous five years qualify for a city tattooing license. No felon can qualify for the license under existing rules.

The plan is due for a second public hearing at the Feb. 5 meeting, and Police Chief Phil Crowell said he’ll try to come up with a better rationale for the grace period by then.

Five years is about right for prospective tattooists to clean up their records, according to Crowell. It takes that long for convicted felons to qualify for a pardon from the governor, he said.

“It’s just a typical amount of time, and it made sense,” Crowell said.

But councilors said Tuesday they want better reasons.

“It just seems arbitrary to just take a number,” said Councilor Ellen Peters. “I’m willing to entertain any number, as long as there is a good rationale, whatever that might be.”

The change is also spurring a look at other city licenses and permits to make sure the requirements and grace periods match.

“We definitely have some homework to do,” he said.