Councilors look at New Auburn plan


AUBURN — The city will form a short-term committee to make sure recommendations from New Auburn Master Plan will happen.

Councilors got their first look Monday at the plan, which seeks to guide growth and development of  New Auburn.

“It’s good to have a group that can continue to push this along,” Planning Director David Galbraith told councilors. “It helps keep us on task, so we can make baby steps and see these suggestions happen.”

The New Auburn plan is a companion to the city’s Comprehensive Plan, and it has been adopted as part of the Comprehensive Plan by that committee.

“We’re beginning our last phase,” Galbraith said. “That’s the implementation phase, and we’ll begin this once the state and the City Council have signed off on the plan.”

A committee began working on the comprehensive plan in 2007. Work on the New Auburn plan began in 2008.

Galbraith said the plan looks at the area south of downtown as three distinct neighborhoods — the Intown town area, which runs from the Little Androscoggin River south to 7th Street, the Uptown area from Vickery Road north and includes most homes in he area and the Rowe’s Corner area south to the Maine Turnpike interchange. That area is signaled out as one of the most develop-able in the city.

The plan also suggests creating a one-way traffic pattern in the Intown portion.

“That’s something that has been discussed, but not implemented,” Galbraith said. “It could help create a nice village district in that area.”

A new version of the city’s Comprehensive Plan promotes new development in town and around developed areas, protects the undeveloped parts of the city and encourages special protection of the Lake Auburn and Taylor Pond watersheds.

Copies of the comprehensive plan are available for review in City Hall and at the Auburn Public Library. An  electronic version is available for download on the city’s website, It includes the New Auburn plan as an appendix.

City councilors will begin their review of the entire plan in June.

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