Countryfolk looking for space in Norway


NORWAY — Larry Bisbee, winter resident of Norway and operator of the venue that showcases Maine musicians and awards youth music scholarships at the Countryfolk Music Theatre and Museum Project, Route 2, Wilton, said, “ We are also looking for small storefront workspace in Norway where we can display promotional photos, fliers and youth music scholarship information.”

He said, “Over the past several years we have awarded 29 scholarships to encourage youths to continue with their music. We are most interested in offering youth music scholarship awards in the Oxford Hills area and in finding space (during the winter months) to offer our Countryfolk venue in East Dixfield as an opportunity to showcase Norway area youth musicians.”

Bisbee added, “We need only a small area, perhaps 10’ x 10’ , where volunteers can assist with fliers and assemble collages of photos from the past and present for the museum, and so they may also be seen in a Norway storefront location. We are a not-for-profit project and operate all by volunteers and would like have a presence on Main Street Norway during the winter months.”

Bisbee may be contacted in Norway at 744-9212 or [email protected]