Couple indicted on charges from Walmart pharmacy robbery


FARMINGTON — A couple accused of robbing the pharmacy at Walmart in Farmington last September were indicted Wednesday.

A Franklin County grand jury indicted Timothy Campbell, 33, of Chesterville and Ashley Lake, 28, of Farmington on felony charges of robbery and possession of oxycodone.

Campbell was also indicted on a charge of violation of condition of release. At the time of the robbery he was on bail for a felony charge of theft of drugs.

The two were arrested Sept. 21 after police said Lake handed a pharmacist a note demanding oxycodone and said she had a gun. After receiving drugs, Lake left the store and met a man in the parking lot. They fled on foot. A tracking dog led police next door to the Colonial Valley Motel where the two were staying.

Police did not find a gun and there was no evidence that Lake showed one, but she approached the pharmacist and indicated she did, Assistant District Attorney Andrew Robinson told the court at their arraignment in September.

Police found them in possession of oxycodone and found some in the room. Most of the drugs taken were recovered by police.

Robinson also said Campbell acted as an accomplice. He helped plan and advised Lake how to rob the store and acted as a lookout.

Bail was set at $10,000 cash or $100,000 worth of property although both sought lower amounts from Judge Nancy Carlson. She viewed a possible Maine pretrial contract to mean a transfer for drug treatment, not a release, she said.

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