Craft supplies, Beck's address requested


DEAR SUN SPOTS: This is in response to the Friday, Nov. 10, Sun Spots regarding knitting supplies. The Lewiston Public Library would be a good place to donate them! We’re getting a knitting group started where anyone can come and learn how to knit or show others what they know. Needles and yarn can get expensive, and having a supply for beginners to take home with them would be very beneficial! You can call and inquire about donating your knitting supplies at 513-3134!

—Alex, Lending Services Library Technician, Lewiston Public Library

ANSWER: Libraries are where it’s at! If you’re not connected to your local library in some way, I want to know why! Thank you for sharing this resource, Alex. Readers, this is another place to share your surplus of goods. Libraries need all sorts of donations besides books.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’m hoping you can help me. I’m interested in finding out if Patty Yoder, who was a rug hooker, has any patterns or books for sale on the internet. I’m also interested in where other rug hookers get their wool and what magazine is best for rug hooking. Any help will be appreciated. Call 864-5503.

—Lorrain, No Town

ANSWER: Through Sunday, Jan. 21, in Shelburne, Vermont, there’s an exhibit of Patty’s work in the Colgate Gallery at the museum. Entitled “Hooked on Patty Yoder,” this exhibit is an overview of her 13-year career. To find out more, go to Her books, including “The Alphabet of Sheep” and “Rug Hooking Traditions with Patty Yoder and Esther Knipe” are both sold on Amazon but I’m sure your local book store could order them for you.

Parris House Wool Works at 546 Paris Hill Road, P.O. Box 143, South Paris, is a good connection for you. The contact information is 890-8490 or email [email protected]

I would highly recommend “Rug Hooking Magazine,” published by Ampry Publishing. You can order it by calling customer service at 877- 297-0965. Their web site is They have a free email newsletter with patterns and tutorials, a listing of events and gatherings, and also have a large selection of books on the subject.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I need the mailing address for Glenn Beck at “TheBlaze.” Thank you for all your help!

—No name, South Paris

ANSWER: Glenn Beck is one of America’s leading multimedia personalities and is the host of the national radio show, “The Glenn Beck Program,” the third-highest rated talk show in the country. He is also the founder and owner of “TheBlaze,” a 24/7 news, information and opinion network that is available on television and online.

Glenn is a best-selling author, producer, filmmaker, entrepreneur and humanitarian. He is especially known for his wit, someone who adeptly speaks his mind, and who thoroughly engages his viewers and listeners. Glen has millions of fans and takes great pleasure in every opportunity to meet and interact with them. Write to him in care of Mercury Radio Arts, 6301 Riverside Drive, Irving, TX 75039.

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