Crashing into history


The legislative, executive and judicial branches of government abide by the Constitution. Each branch has specific powers and responsibilities. The legislative makes laws; the judicial interprets the Constitution to protect the people’s rights; the executive enforces the law and polices. Through checks and balances, the branches work together, ensuring a smooth-running government.

Currently, the executive branch is attacking the Constitution, which limits executive power with the help of the judicial branch. The legislative branch has no power to stop this corruption. The legislative branch allows lobbyists and party loyalty more power than the people.

Money talks and the people pay the price.

Remember, “Where there is no justice the people perish.” Justice is too expensive for the average American. We must learn from the great empires which fell before us. The Babylonian, Medo-Persion, Greek and Roman empires also thought they were invincible. All were destroyed by war, greed and leaders making wrong decisions.

Our branches of government appear at war with each other, unable to stop the decline of America. America is spreading itself too thin to remain a superpower. Atrocities of war and corruption in high places are destroying America. Soldiers gave their lives defending the Constitution. Our Constitution has been diluted, misinterpreted and used to take away the rights of the people under cover of national security. History proves a kingdom divided against itself will fall. How much further can our country fall before we crash?

Have we learned nothing from history?

Deanne Danforth, Turner