Crazy world out there


I have been stunned this past year, and especially this last week after the passage of the Health Care Reform Bill, by oxymoronic contradictions, hate talk and the kind of intimidation that poisons civility in the name of civil liberties, constitutional law and democratic values.

Health insurance reform has been cast as an attempt by government to “ration” health care for those in need, when such legislation was instituted precisely because health care is and has been rationed by unregulated free marketers.

Charges of a totalitarian government takeover are hurled by those (in the name of civil liberties) who believe corporations should be able to exercise more power over campaign elections than individuals.

Those in debt who dare speak up against excessive fees, variable and ever higher interest rates and inflationary costs, while jobs and homes are lost and salaries and benefits are diminished, are labeled incompetent, stupid, naif redistributionists, Marxists and worse.

Those who say they want to return to a world where good manners, Christianity, democracy and constitutional freedoms are fundamental have told me, “Tell me what I can do to get you and your kind to shut up.”

Many of those living on unemployment checks, Social Security, government pensions and disability checks are screaming about how big government and taxes must be abolished.

It’s a crazy world out there.

Virginia (Tilla) Durr, Sweden