Creativity, leadership needed


We have an international resort destination in our backyard, thanks to Les Otten. For those who skied there when two t-bars took people to the top, the transformation into a place where people as far away as England come to take their vacations is amazing.

Now Otten is running for governor. I am supporting him because of his record. Yes, the resort has now changed ownership, but the jobs at Sunday River and in the surrounding area at countless restaurants and other businesses are still there.

Sunday River never went bankrupt. A smooth transition, as far as skiers are concerned, took place from Otten as a single owner, to American Skiing Co. as a large network, to Boyne, the current owner.

Maine needs to become creative if it is to ever thrive as a state. Les Otten’s creativity and leadership are what is needed.

Harriet Lewis Robinson, Otisfield