Credit union bomb threat prompts its evacuation


MEXICO – About 20 employees were evacuated from the Oxford Federal Credit Union building late Monday afternoon after an unknown caller telephoned in a bomb threat.

Nothing was found, but the credit union and Police Department have two possible suspects.

Police Chief Jim Theriault said the threat was called in at 4 p.m. The credit union’s chief operating officer, Matt Kaubris, then called police. Besides Mexico officer Charles Beale, Peter Casey from the Rumford Police Department and Dixfield police Chief Richard Pickett responded.

About six members of the Mexico Fire Department searched the exterior of the building and under employees’ vehicles, while Beale, Theriault, Kaubris and credit union security officer Tammy Glover searched the lobby, bathrooms and night deposit box. Theriault said the credit union has tight security that does not allow people beyond the lobby without signing in or being escorted.

Also responding was Oxford County Sheriff Wayne Gallant. Med-Care Ambulance Service stood by at the nearby Wal-Mart parking lot.

Theriault said investigation of the incident will include interviews with two customers who are potential suspects because of circumstances that had happened earlier in the day at the credit union.

He declined to provide details on what those circumstances were.

Casey blocked the entrance to the credit union while the search was taking place, and employees waited in a field to the left of the building for about an hour.