Crews dismantling furniture building


LEWISTON – Lisbon Street businesses will get to keep electrical power throughout the weekend as crews dismantle the New England Furniture Building.

The city had considered shutting down electrical power to the west side of Lisbon Street between Pine and Ash streets Saturday to make room for demolition work on the building. Officials decided that won’t be necessary, however.

“The crews will be pulling the building back, away from the power lines,” Deputy City Administrator Phil Nadeau said. “Any debris that is likely to fall in that direction should fall straight down and not be a threat.”

Crews from Costello Dismantling Company Inc. began removing the metal facade from the front of the New England Furniture Building and should begin tearing it down today. Work will continue Saturday, according to Norm Beauparlant, director of budgeting and purchasing.

Nadeau said the city may reopen one lane of Lisbon Street early next week.

“But that depends on if the weather cooperates and if there are no other delays,” Nadeau said.

The building is one of four damaged by a Dec. 20 fire. Crews began knocking down buildings on Dec. 23. So far, they’ve removed three buildings – the Kora, Cressey and Greely buildings.

Work has been delayed by snowstorms, wind and site complications. The city shut down power to buildings surrounding the area last weekend so crews could remove a metal fire escape near several electrical power lines. Equipment problems stopped crews from removing the New England Furniture building’s facade on Wednesday.