Crews stack sandbags at dam in Porter


PORTER — Emergency crews worked Wednesday afternoon to replace splash boards in the Colcord Pond Dam that were swept away during torrential rains on Tuesday.

“It’s a wait and see situation,” said Town Clerk Janice Miller.

According to Miller, the water level on Colcord Pond had dropped about 2 feet by Wednesday, but as feared, the water level at the downstream Bickford Pond rose above the its dam.

Officials said Tuesday that the nearby Bickford Pond Dam, which has been receiving much of the water from the overflowing Colcord Pond Dam, could exceed capacity and put that dam at risk.

Miller said crews were out all Tuesday night placing sandbags at the Bickford dam to prevent any structural damage from the force of the excessive water. The water and dams on both ponds, which empty into the nearby Ossipee River, were monitored on an hourly basis.

The splash boards at the Colcord Pond Dam were found broken out about 9 a.m. Tuesday morning allowing excess water to flow over the dam, officials said.

The Department of Transportation was called to Colcord Pond Road where a wide area of the road was underwater and partially collapsed, and Bickford Pond Road, which was also under water.

Officials said although one year-round home and a summer cottage on Hoover Point off Dam Road were in jeopardy of being cut off, there were no forced evacuations. Dam Road connects both Colcord Pond and Bickford Pond roads.

The command center that had been set up at the Porter Town Hall was abandoned Wednesday but crews continued to monitor the Bickford Pond Dam while they attempted to repair the Colcord Pond Dam.

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