Criminals sell guns, too


This is in response to Karen D’Andrea’s letter, printed March 22.

I like the sound of her organization, and that’s all.

First of all, she really can’t be that blind to think for one minute that curtailing sales out of Uncle Henry’s or at gun shows is going to stop handgun violence. Is she that naive?

There are so many avenues to purchase guns outside of the arena that it would be all but impossible to stop gun sales to criminals. Effectively, it would stop buying and selling between law-abiding citizens.

I know many people who sell through Uncle Henry’s or gun shows, etc., that require a Maine license to purchase guns. Does that stop gun violence? No, but neither would any half-baked legislation put forth by people such as D’Andrea who can’t stand the fact that people own guns.

The gun sales issue has been beaten to death. Let gun owners police themselves.

If you are from any other state besides Maine, you go home empty-handed, but is that going to stop that person from buying a gun elsewhere?

It’s never going to happen because, guess what — criminals sell guns, too.

George Gowell, Sabattus