Crosswalk is a danger zone


Students of Andover College’s Lewiston campus must “Stop, Look, Listen !”

The crosswalk at the site of Andover College on lower Lisbon Street has become a safety hazard for its students.

Maine law states drivers must stop for pedestrians. This crosswalk has been the scene of injuries and many near misses. There is a clearly-defined crosswalk and sign stating, “Stop for pedestrians.”

Students play a daily game of “dodge the traffic” when attempting to cross the road to attend classes. The foot traffic in this crosswalk has increased recently, since Andover College has moved many of its classes across the street to new classrooms (the former Good Shepard’s Food Bank). Students now change classes back and forth between the two buildings.

Students attempting to cross the street to their classes would do well to carry accidental death and dismemberment insurance. Vehicles speed by with total disregard for students. Daily, you will hear the sounds of screeching tires and the locking up of brakes as students try to navigate the dangers of the crosswalk. Motorists should be cited for speeding, driving to endanger, and failure to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk.

Some preventative measures we could take are, signs mounted on orange barrels placed in the middle of the street, pedestrian signs positioned ahead of crosswalks, flashing lights, painting crosswalks with vertical stripes using 24-inch wide white lines, and more police visibility.

Lewiston Police Department and Lewiston City Council, please pay heed!

Tina Casey, Peru