Cruisers sold outright bring in more cash than trade-in offers


FARMINGTON — The Franklin County Sheriff Department’s decision tosell its used vehicles rather than trade them paid off, Chief Deputy Ray Meldrum said.

Commissioners gave Meldrum permission to see if he could sell the cruisers and an all-terrain vehicle for more money than the trade-in offers. If the bids were not above the offers, then the vehicles would have been traded in the agreement to buy new cruisers.

By doing this, the Department will now have an additional $1,622 above the trade-in value, Meldrum said.

Commissioners agreed to buy three new vehicles for $61,977 in March from Quirk Ford of Augusta after bids were opened. The new cruisers will be two 2010 pickup trucks and a 2010 Ford Explorer.

The $61,977 does not include outfitting the cruisers with lights and cages and other police equipment. The total in the vehicle account budget this year is $72,000, Meldrum said.

The vehicles that were to be traded in the deal wete a 2003 Chevrolet Impala, which had a trade-in value of $1,000 but sold outright for $1,511, and a Ford 2006 pickup, which had a  trade-in price set at $5,000 but sold for $5,600, Meldrum said.

A 2000 Suzuki four-wheeler sold for $511 compared to the minimum bid of $200, he said.

The only vehicle not to get a bid was a 2004 Ford Expedition that had a minimum of bid of $3,900. That SUV will be traded.

“I’m pretty pleased,” Meldrum said. “That’s an additional $1,622 that will go back into the vehicle account.”

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