The Cure sings ‘Pictures of You’


DEAR SUN SPOTS: Since busy Jason keeps up with all things entertaining (Jan. 2), I also have a request about a commercial.

A few years back there was a Kodak camera commercial that went something like “I’ve been living so long with these pictures of you that I almost believe they’re real.”

If busy Jason can find the artist and title of this song, I would be pleasantly surprised. Thank you for being so informative. — D.L.P.H., Lewiston

ANSWER: Busy Jason knew the answer before Sun Spots even finished asking the question! He said that the The Cure sings “Pictures of You.”

For those who are online, he also offered up a couple of links to watch music videos: 

* live version:

* the official video (ripped from TV):

One of the many wonderful things about the Internet is that you can watch many things that were on TV whenever you want. This includes commercials, old TV shows and music videos.

For those who would prefer to buy the CD in person in a store, Bull Moose Music in Lewiston (Lewiston Mall, 20 East Ave., 784-6463, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday) can help you.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have attended the Kora Shriners Feztival of Trees for a few years now. I know they bring in a lot of money on selling the trees through their silent auction. It is all for a very good cause.

I was wondering when they do the drawing on the trees and why they don’t publish a list of winners in the newspaper? — Doug Smith, Jay

ANSWER: Sun Spots figures they probably do the drawing at the end of the Feztival, which is in late November, but she could find no confirmation of that. She emailed the potentate but did not hear back. Surely a Shriner or two will write in with that information.

As for why the winners are not in the newspaper, it’s most likely because no one submitted the names for publication. The Sun Journal doesn’t send reporters to those events, but if someone sends the information to [email protected], it will appear on the Connections page (usually Page B3).

The Sun Journal often runs a photo of the Feztival, and it did so again this year, on Nov. 17. In the caption it said that 65 trees were on display at the Kora Shrine Temple during the fraternal fundraiser to support maintenance of the building. The event also included a craft fair, food court, music and silent auction. Event Co-Chairman Randy Murray said 20,000 people came to see the trees in 2011.

According to, in 2013 the dates for the eighth annual Feztival of Trees will be Nov. 23 to 30. It also said:

“The object of this festival is to have organizations and businesses donate fully decorated artificial trees that will be displayed throughout the event. The public is invited to come and see this extravaganza of trees, as well as some special displays benefiting the Christmas theme. A sign designating the name of your business or organization will be prominently displayed with your tree throughout the event.

“Raffle tickets will be available for sale so that the viewers may enter their tickets in the hopes of winning a beautiful tree. Each tree’s winner gets to take it home, fully decorated and all ready for the holidays.”

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