Customers should stay alert


Recently, my wife and I shopped at an Auburn store, looking for bargains. We found that what rings up at the register may not be the discounted price marked on a display rack. For example: We came across a rack of items marked $1 each and selected three. At the checkout counter, the cashier scanned the items but the discounted prices had evidently not been entered into the store’s computer system and the price came up at nearly $3 for each item.

That is not the first time that has happened to us at that particular store. That is why, when we do shop there, we keep alert to what is being rung up.

I brought up the problem with the cashier and was told that it happens quite often. We were astounded, to say the least. I suggested contacting the supervisor to share the pricing discrepancy and was told the supervisors don’t tell the cashiers anything about any price changes.

Whether it is poor management or done with intent, my warning is: Buyer beware. Keep your eyes on the cash register while at the checkout. You could be paying more than what you think you should be paying. I believe that some stores play a “pricing game.” It is up to the customers to stay alert. Errors do occasionally occur, but if it becomes a habit by any store, its management is guilty of playing the pricing game and ripping off customers.

Eugene Elcik, Lisbon Falls