Cyclist leads Lewiston cops on high-speed chase


LEWISTON – Lewiston police are looking for the driver of a motorcycle who led them on a high-speed chase on and around Main Street Saturday night.

When a motorcycle sped by a police cruiser around 7:46 p.m., police turned on their blue lights to stop the motorcycle. The driver failed to stop, and increased his speed.

Police chased the motorcycle on Main Street around Strawberry Avenue, on side streets and back onto Main Street, said Sgt. David St. Pierre.

The motorcycle reached speeds of 70 mph, and began passing vehicles on the right. At that point he was putting himself, the public and officers in danger, St. Pierre said. As the motorcycle sped towards Greene, police broke off the pursuit out of safety concerns, he said.

Police described the motorcycle as blue with a speed design.

Anyone with information of who the operator was is asked to call Lewiston police at 784-6421.