D. Cheshire, J. O’Hara: No special treatment


This is in response to the article about Paris Hill residents trying to save their post office (Sun Journal, Jan. 26).

The cost of stamps has risen once again. These periodic price increases are due to the costs of postal service for all Americans — costs that are increased by unprofitable post offices such as the one on Paris Hill.

Why should the majority of people pay the price for “a special place” for the folks on Paris Hill?

Most of us have mail boxes in front of our homes and I would argue that they don’t look “shabby.”

If a post office on Tremont Street gives Paris Hill its identity, that is very sad. The residents of the area should supply that identity and not expect others to subsidize their “identity.” Paris Hill residents have periodic suppers at the Academy to see “people who are neighbors on the hill.” Some also host get-togethers at their homes.

It appears that the people who live on Paris Hill feel entitled to special treatment. When other people in the area need to mail a package, they must drive to the post offices in South Paris or Norway. That drive, for some, is more than four miles. People on Paris Hill would have to drive only 2.9 miles to reach the closest post office.


It’s time for Americans to start thinking of what is best for the country as a whole, not just what is best for certain privileged individuals.

Donna Cheshire and John O’Hara, South Paris