D. MacIsaac: The old political shell game


You know — now you see it, now you don’t.

The so-called conservatives proclaim government is too big and wants to tax people more. They tout tax reform; they want more and more tax breaks.

Who would not love to get a tax break? So they push for less spending and institute tax cutting measures.

“Less spending” is the battle cry. “Balance the budget.” They sound like good goals and it makes the conservatives sound good and that they are working for the people.

What really happens is they cut spending, especially at the higher levels and do not provide needed funding to the local governments, which causes cities and towns to raise local taxes to fund education and mandatory social services.

The state’s so-called conservative chief executive can now point to tax savings, honoring his tea party pledge, while the local governments must raise taxes.

What has happened to the taxes we have already paid so that the state can stand by its pledge to support cities and towns?

It takes money to run a business, or a government. The public’s investment in the business must be shared equally by all —rich and hard-working — yet the tax burden benefits the affluent towns and puts a bigger burden on the less well-off towns

Doug MacIsaac, Mexico