D. Pelletier: Lewiston cannot afford it


This is in response to the guest column by Maura Murphy (Oct. 20).

I don’t see how Phyllis St. Laurent’s housing project won’t cause a larger burden and more expenses for Lewiston taxpayers.

The way I figure it, those proposed 77 bedrooms (29 occupied by adults, leaves 48 for children) would mean, if there are two children per room, potentially 96 children who need education.

The cost for that education, plus General Assistance, food stamps, health insurance, heat assistance and other miscellaneous expenses adds up to millions of dollars during the time those children grow to adulthood.

The estimate for taxes paid to the city for the St. Laurent project was $37,000 per year. It is obvious the project will cost taxpayers millions.

All the fire victims have been relocated for more than a year. They have a new home.

Lewiston cannot afford any more low-income housing.

Doris Pelletier, Lewiston