D. Sawicki: Gun registration gone bad


Some Sun Journal letter writers have called for across-the-board registration of all guns. They believe imposing administrative paperwork will prevent criminals from breaking the law and committing murder.

That line of thinking is dangerous. Paperwork did nothing to protect those school kids in Connecticut. An armed guard or armed teacher might have saved many lives that day.

Gun registration is soon followed by gun confiscation. It happened in Stalin’s Russia, Hitler’s Germany and, more recently, Australia. When governments compile a list of gun owners and the weapons they own, that personal data can be misused to unjustly harass, imprison or even kill those people.

In 1939 Poland, the invading Nazi forces knew which citizens owned guns and where they lived. Earlier, Polish authorities had thought it would make their country safer if they knew who had guns and where they lived. The Nazis used those neatly compiled registration lists to go door to door, confiscate the weapons, shoot the owners and disarm the entire country in short order. Poland was unable to defend herself and repel the Nazi invasion, thanks to idiotic gun registration laws.

There are many laws to punish criminal acts. Owning a weapon to protect oneself from foreign or domestic enemies is not a criminal act.

Believing gun registration will make a person safer is naive. When a home invader waves his registration card as he binds your defenseless hands, will you feel safer knowing that, although he is armed, he is a properly registered gun owner?

David Sawicki, Auburn