D. Sweetser: Take responsibility for your dog


For a long time now something has irked me and I have wanted to write this letter. I will start by saying that I walk my little beagle, Lily, twice daily unless the weather is so bad that it is unsafe for me to do so. I am appalled at the amount of dog waste that is left in the roadways or on people’s properties, especially during the winter months.

Do dog walkers think that the snow will cover it and it will disappear? Sorry, it doesn’t happen that way. A prime example happened recently during the January thaw. Guess what appeared? I have to watch my step all the way as waste was in the roads, sometimes one pile right after another.

That is so gross and disrespectful to homeowners and other dog walkers.

Lily even knows now to stop and wait while I attend to her needs. I never, never leave her waste for property owners to discover in the spring.

I understand that this is not a very desirable subject and there are many more important issues in this world at this time. But, sometimes we need to start with the little things that impair our environment.

I implore other dog walkers to be good neighbors and take responsibility for their dogs. That will not only keep this beautiful land clean, but will help people’s relationships with their neighbors.


Donna Sweetser, Auburn