D. Vaillancourt: Greedy members of Congress


Members of Congress have misinterpreted President John F. Kennedy’s famous quote: “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” Instead, they are making themselves rich (richer) using their positions to benefit themselves with disregard to any consequence.

They have voted themselves wages that are many times higher than the average American; also, a lucrative pension and health care benefits for life. They also use their prestigious positions to capture federal contracts for themselves and relatives. And now, I hear, they are involved in insider trading, as well.

I am fed up with the whole political process.

It does no good to have a president who tries to do well if Congress is determined to stop anything he suggests.

The Founding Fathers created the government system to benefit the American people. They must be rolling in their graves to see the fiasco it has become.

I suggest current members of Congress be replaced with an all-volunteer committee. For that matter, why not have volunteer groups starting at the city level, then state committees, all tied together to create and enforce laws. Federal contracts would be thoroughly scrutinized and laws would be created for the majority. There would be stiffer penalties for law-breakers.

I am writing in “Mickey Mouse” for Congress in the next election.

Donald Vaillancourt, Lewiston