Dangerous agenda for America


Aside from those whose occupation it is to kill and terrorize, there can be no better act on behalf of humanity than to remove Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and Gonzales from office before the next election and for the next president to grant them no pardons.

It would also benefit world peace and the ecology of the planet to add those congressional members who continually support their small-minded agenda.

This Republican was dismayed at “W” even running for the White House, and he didn’t disappoint my expectations. He didn’t want to serve when he was in uniform and he does not have the knowledge or intelligence to properly conduct a war that he created.

If you add all the factors together, you find unlawful surveillance of U.S citizens, questionable detentions, tax breaks and record profits for fellow oil buddies, the over-extension of U.S. forces to include the Mexican border, the threat to priceless resources at home and abroad, the closure of necessary military bases in “blue” state bases to go to “red” state bases, and the retreat of women’s rights to their own bodies.

The flawed election that slithered him into office has been fixed to better serve the party’s purposes. Wealth has been gained at the expense of decent people struggling for fewer meaningful jobs, and the outlook is poor for those entering retirement years.

Posing with the Bible in hand just adds to the hypocrisy of their agenda.

Larry W. Mayes, Lewiston