DEA arrests Mass. man at rest stop


PARIS – A 46-year-old Massachusetts man was arrested Tuesday at a rest area in Greenwood after he was found smoking cocaine in his truck, police said

According to a report by the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, a motorist on Route 26 in Greenwood reported to the Paris Police Department that a man “was smoking crack and offering pounds of marijuana for sale.” The activity occurred at a rest stop between South Pond and North Pond in Greenwood.

Responding to the scene, law enforcement officials from the MDEA and Oxford County Sheriff’s Office, assisted by the Bethel Police Department, responded to. They found Malachy F. Kelliher, of 437 Broadway in North Attleboro, Mass., at the rest area.

According to Gerry Baril, special agent supervisor of the MDEA’s Lewiston Regional Task Force Office, Kelliher was sitting in a pickup truck smoking crack cocaine from a bong made from a bottle. The MDEA’s report stated that both doors of the truck were open, and that packages of marijuana and a strong odor of the drug were present.

Kelliher was arrested on the scene, and his truck was searched. Police said they found 2 grams of cocaine, as well as an open box of baking soda and a charred metal spoon, which can be used to “cook” cocaine into crack cocaine.

According to police, the search also yielded about 5 pounds of marijuana, mostly packaged into quantities of 1 or 1 1/2 ounces; a digital scale; plastic packaging bags; $734 in cash; 82 tablets of oxycodone; 41 tablets of clonazepam; and two glass bottles containing a liquid the MDEA believed to be gamma-hydroxybutyrate, or GHB.

According to the federal DEA’s Web site, GHB is a depressant often linked to sexual assaults because of its effect of inhibiting resistance. Baril said the cocaine and GHB were confirmed by a chemical field test only and will be tested conclusively at a lab in Augusta. The MDEA worked with Poison Control to identify the prescription drugs.

The MDEA stated that the street value of the marijuana was $11,500, while the estimated street value for the prescription drugs was about $885.

Kelliher was held at the Oxford County Jail on $10,000 bond for charges of trafficking in scheduled drugs and possession of a scheduled drug. His initial appearance in Superior Court occurred Thursday, where his bail was reduced to $5,000. He had not made bail as of Friday afternoon.