Dear Mr. President


The following represents an imaginary conversation with President Bush:

Mr. President, I am the proud wife of an American soldier and a mother of two young children. What should I tell Kenny, age 5, and Sarita, age 2, when they continue to ask, “Why?” “Why is Daddy gone on such a long trip being a soldier?” asks little Sarita. “They fight the bad guys,” explains Kenny.

“I want my daddy! I want daddy!” cries Sarita with tears streaming down her little face. “I just miss him,” adds Kenny, staring through the kitchen window toward his daddy’s truck, still parked in the driveway since the day he left.

What do I tell them, Mr. President? What do I tell my children why their daddy is gone? What are the reasons of this war that you have so irresponsibly waged? A war waged not only against the people of the Middle East, but a war that you have so relentlessly waged against the innocence of the childhood now vacated by the only real hero who counts – Kenny and Sarita’s daddy, my husband, your expendable American soldier.

Lea Bryant, Phillips