Decency, respect slipping away


I live in the Walton School/Oak Hill Cemetery neighborhood. Many local people utilize the tree-lined roadways in the cemetery to walk and enjoy a little bit of country in the heart of the city.

Most who visit are respectful and clean up after themselves and the many dogs that visit. However, there are an astonishing number of headstones that have been tipped over and broken by vandals. There is one section particularly hit hard. It’s not easily seen and makes a good place to hang out.

I would urge parents to talk to their children about respecting headstones and cemeteries in general. I am offering the benefit of the doubt when I assume that they are committing these acts because they don’t understand the emotional connection that families have with those sites. It would be easy to think that your child isn’t involved, but someone is doing a lot of damage.

Also, there are people who use the cemetery as a dumping ground for unwanted household junk. Recently, two smashed televisions were left on the grounds, obviously taken from a vehicle; the trail of refuse went from the road toward the woods where they were dropped.

Such vandalism was not done by kids. Shame on the adult who left this mess.

Common decency and respect for those who have passed should be enough to keep people from vandalizing a sacred place; however, it looks as though those two traits may be slipping away.

Sonya Sampson, Auburn