Delivering solutions


I am supporting Walter “Ed” Hill for Androscoggin County Commissioner.

While I have tremendous respect for the current commissioner, Elaine Makas, a person of great commitment and passion for her work, I have to recognize that, to date, the commission is still stalled.

To stand by one’s beliefs is admirable; however, a no vote is not enough; speaking out for the cause is not enough.

An effective leader creates change and delivers solutions. Hill has a strong record of community leadership and resolving conflict through mutual resolution. He has an in-depth knowledge of the issues concerning Androscoggin County.

I will be voting for Walter “Ed” Hill for Androscoggin County commissioner. He will move the commission to action.

Don’t vote out of obligation; vote for action.

A vote for Walter Hill will be a vote for effective leadership, one of action and positive change for Androscoggin County.

Kaileigh Tara, Lewiston