Delivery confirmation offers proof of return


DEAR SUN SPOTS: A year ago last January, I ordered a book on arthritis from Johns Hopkins University Hospital. I received it in good time and paid $22.95 for it.

This year I received another one that arrived damaged. The Post Office wrote a note on it saying that it was received in that condition. The papers that accompanied it stated that if I didn’t want it, to return it by mail, which I did.

Being such a well-known place, I didn’t think I needed proof that I mailed by not asking for a signature. That was almost three months ago. I keep getting bills from them, and I keep telling them I returned it. But they ignore my letters. Now they are getting nasty about it.

I would like to put an end to this problem. I didn’t think such a well-known hospital would resort to such scams. Who could I contact to report this kind of thing and prevent it from happening to someone else?

I don’t want this to go on my records as being a deadbeat. I am an honest person and expect others to be also. I guess I am too naïve. Can you help me please? Please do not publish my name. My children don’t know about this, and they would have a ball with it. Thank you. — No Name, Peru

ANSWER: Try not to worry too much about your credit. These kinds of disputes with book clubs and subscriptions are very common, and a $23 charge would not cause your credit any irreparable harm even in the unlikely event it reached that level.


When Sun Spots worked at the Post Office, she always encouraged people to use a service called Delivery Confirmation. It costs less than a $1 (price varies depending on the package service used) and allows you to track your package by checking on the computer or calling an 800 number. No signature is required, but it will verify that your package has been delivered.

As to your particular problem, Sun Spots doubts seriously that this is a “scam” but rather a case of crossed messages. Johns Hopkins probably uses a service to handle and mail their books. These services are highly automated, with computer-generated notices sent at regular intervals. A letter from you would take some time to work its way through the system.

Another possibility is that because of the damage to the book’s packaging, your name and address were not legible, so they didn’t know it was your book that was returned.

Sun Spots suggests that you make a copy of this column and mail it to them, along with a note saying that you returned the book, are not going to pay for it and will refuse further shipments. Sign it and be sure that your name and address are prominent. Send it to the attention of the customer service manager.

You may still get notices for a while, but they should go away eventually. In the unlikely event that this does not get results, you can contact Maine’s Consumer Protection Service at 1-800-436-2131.

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