Democrats no relief


Government overspending is undoubtedly the leading cause of the high tax burden that Mainers currently carry on their shoulders.

A little more than two years ago, the Maine Legislature passed LD 1, which limits spending in municipalities. The state Legislature does not operate under the same spending restraints as municipalities do under LD 1. With the passing of Joint Rule 219, the state Legislature would have needed a two-thirds vote to overrule the spending limits that LD 1 requires. Currently, all that is needed is a majority vote. Under Joint Rule 219, the state Legislature would have had to budget with the same spending restraints that all Maine counties, towns, cities and schools operate under. In doing so, a government overspending problem area would have been addressed.

The good news is that the Maine Senate unanimously approved Joint Rule 219.

The bad news is that Joint Rule 219 was brought before the House and was turned down, mostly by Democrats, with a vote of 84-60.

Maine needs reasonable spending restraints, such as Joint Rule 219, to help lower taxes.

With the Democrats in power, who knows when relief will come?

Justin Horsman, Readfield