Demon rock


This is in response to the story about the Camp of Rock in Auburn, published July 12. It really showed me how some parents can be corrupted. Showing young children how to express their thoughts and feelings on a line of strings tells me that it is a time to get serious.

The idea of creating this sinful scheme came from a silly movie called “School of Rock.” In return, some people are saying they want their youngsters to be just like the children in that sinful movie. What are the children learning from that camp? The article says they haven’t been bored since they joined. That’s serious.

There is more to life than just playing the devil’s tune.

Holding a police camp is a good thing, but holding a rock camp… what for? Why not have a religion camp and teach the children about God? That would be better than a sinful rock camp.

It is time to get serious. The day for the end of time could be near.

When a child has to be yelled at in order to be heard, that’s serious. How serious are these children taking to this sinful heavy metal rock? It sounds serious when a child thinks they are being threatened when told to stop playing. That’s a sign of the evil in that environment.

No child should ever shout back in disrespect, no matter if they are having fun.

Normand Dostie, Lewiston