Destroying Auburn's identity


Recently, I watched eight men make a decision that will fundamentally alter the landscape in Auburn forever. Led by city councilor Jim Pross, who is originally from New Jersey, the council decided to cease protections of the phenomenally unique Auburn agricultural zone by voting to adopt the Recreational Planned Unit Development Ordinance amendments.

The council wants people to believe they are removing these protections in order to foster an era of economic prosperity for Auburn. I don’t believe that. The council has just ushered in an era of gentrification, meaning that Mainers are no longer welcome, and our land is to be parceled out to obscenely large homes sitting on the ninth green.

Councilor Grady Burns stated that, while he heard all the public’s statements of opposition, he was going to vote contrary to resident’s interests anyway because he believed we were afraid of what has not yet come to pass. Apparently Councilor Burns believes we are uninformed and blind.

Mainers have seen the relentless slog of urban sprawl march up from Massachusetts into our state. This city council does not want economic prosperity for the city of Auburn; they want economic prosperity for the rich.

I would encourage Mainers to stand up to this council. Since William King fought for an independent Maine in 1818, we have been the sons and daughters of warriors and poets with a unique way of life centered on our beautiful land. We cannot let this council destroy the Maine identity in Auburn.

Bronte Roberts, Auburn