Detailing: Inside and out


Whether you’re selling or maintaining your car, a good detail job can go a long way in keeping it looking its best. You can undertake the thorough cleaning yourself or you can take advantage of the services offered at thousands of auto detailers nationwide. Whatever route you take, you can expect the following areas to be covered.


A car’s exterior can take a real beating over the years. Most exterior detail jobs involve the cleaning, polishing and protecting of many facets of a car’s exterior, including the paint, chrome trim, windows, wheels and tires. There are several techniques and products available to do this from acids and degreasers to waxes and polishes.


Like the exterior, a car’s interior can take a real beating over time, especially in households with kids or areas with harsh weather. Interior detail jobs include an extensive cleaning of the dash, panels, windows, upholstery and carpet. Depending upon the service you select, the seats may be removed from the car to ensure a good cleaning. Again, a variety of techniques and products may be used, including steam cleaning.


No auto detail would be complete without the pop of the hood and an engine cleaning. Steam and degreasers can do wonders to improve the look of an engine.

While body panels may be sanded to eliminate scratches, most detail work does not include major bodywork or repair. Depending upon where you go, various detail services may be available and prices may vary according to the size of vehicle you have.

Detailers may offer everything from a complete detail package to an exterior wash and wax. No matter how much or how little you have done, your car will look better and you will feel better driving or selling it.