Developer seeks 98-lot subdivision


NEW SHARON – A developer is proposing a 98-lot subdivision for upscale houses on Hampshire Hill off Route 27 near the Rome line. If it gains state and town approval it will be called Sunset View Estates.

The plan covers 413 acres. About 263 acres would be developed and 150 acres would be considered common area, said Russ Gardner, a selectman and Planning Board member, on Thursday.

The site also has 53 acres that are considered wetlands.

Stephen W. Gould of Sackett & Brake Survey Inc. in Skowhegan is the project manager for developer Ray Feegen of Sunset View Inc.

Gould and others came to the Planning Board’s meeting in late March to give board members a preliminary briefing on the project.

A map of the subdivision is at the town office for viewing.

It looks like a suburban subdivision with multiple little side roads and some cul-de-sacs, Gardner said, adding that it’s definitely not rural.

The proposal could increase the number of houses in town by nearly 25 percent. Gardner said there are 400 to 450 houses in town now.

Gould said Thursday that he plans to go to the 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 25, Planning Board meeting at the town office to update the board on the proposal.

Developers are working with the state on access to Route 27 and on environmental protection plans. Some waterways most at risk will be addressed in those plans, he said.

One of the covenants in the development will be that no mobile homes will be allowed, Gould said.

The lots offer views of Whittier Pond, East Pond and Farmington.

There are not going to be mansions up there, he said, but they will be decent looking “upscale” houses.

Gould said it is kind of a secluded area that would minimize the visibility of houses from Route 27.

He added that construction would begin in early 2007.