Developer Travis Soule serves his jail sentence


LEWISTON – Real estate developer Travis Soule has served two weeks in jail for a drunken driving arrest last year.

Soule, 41, of New Gloucester, was ordered to spent 14 days in the county jail, and began his time March 16. In addition, his license was suspended for 18 months and his vehicle registration was suspended.

Soule was arrested Feb. 28, 2005, after police said he crashed twice in separate locations shortly before midnight. Police said Soule drove away from the crash sites, leaving behind a trail of oil and antifreeze.

The District Attorney’s Office decided to pursue the charge as a felony because Soule’s record includes a previous drunk driving felony, a prosecutor said. Soule was sentenced to 364 days in a correctional facility, but 350 days were suspended.

Soule, of Solo Properties, has a contract with the city of Lewiston to redevelop the Cowan and Libbey mills as condominiums, retail stores and restaurant space by 2007. He has said he may also build a nine-story hotel there.