A different protest needed


The bare-breasted public march in Farmington April 30 might be considered a case of immature, youthful exuberance that was tolerated because the state of Maine has failed to enact proper legislation regarding laws regulating public nudity. The marchers probably would not do this in January in Maine, nor would they do that in a major city, or any city with low tolerance for errant public morality.

Whether they want to or not, there is a reason why people wear clothes.

The Bible tells us that Adam and Eve “were naked to wit and were not ashamed.”

They were not “ashamed” because there was no reason to be ashamed; they had not yet offended God by the sin of pride. Lust did not exist in human behavior.

The demonstrators would do better to actively protest and work to eliminate economic inequalities and injustices in society.

Being sufficiently clothed in public, where a person is in full view of men, women and innocent children, is a matter of self-dignity and common sense.

Richard Mackin Jr., Millinocket