Directors to sign warrants for June 6 budget vote


JAY — Regional School Unit 73 directors will meet Monday to sign warrants pertaining to the proposed $18.34 million budget for 2011-12.

The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. May 23 at the Cedar Street Learning Complex in Livermore Falls. The board will also hold an orientation workshop with legal counsel.

The board adopted the proposed budget Wednesday. However, the increase was less than initially figured with all the additions and subtractions made by the board, Superintendent Bob Wall said Friday.

The increase proposed is $113,953.72 over the combined $18.2 million current budgets of Jay and RSU 36, he said.

Wall said he was still doing the math on the proposal.

Using the numbers Wall gave out and prior cost sharing and tax impact information, it looks like Jay would need to raise about $8.08 million, which is $75,303 more than was raised for the current budget.

Livermore’s share would decrease by $177,777.78, to bring it to $1.65 million that would need to be raised in taxes.

Livermore Falls’ share would decrease by $357,953.38 to bring it to $1.35 million that would needed to be raised through taxes.

Those numbers do not factor in a proposed $198,772.18 for other items not factored into the budget. They will appear on separate warrant articles. The money would be used to create four reserve accounts for energy, health insurance, special education and capital improvements and $8,250 needed for transition retrofits. It also doesn’t include $40,000 that each town will be asked to raise for adult education, which will appear in a separate article.

The Jay and RSU 36 school systems will consolidate on July 1.

This is the first budget proposed for the new school system.

The proposed budget will go to hearing and a budget vote at 6 p.m. Monday, June 6, at the Livermore Falls High School cafeteria.

Voters in all three towns will have a chance to validate the budget set that night on Tuesday, June 14, at polls in respective towns.

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