Disappearing recycling truck explained


DEAR SUN SPOTS: Auburn residents use Mid-Maine Waste Action Corp. at 110 Goldthwaite Road, Auburn, for their waste disposal and also for discarding recyclables.

There is a truck for recyclable materials divided into different sections and originally marked very clearly as to where the items discard were to be placed, but now there appears to be no system at all, and the truck now has used no distinct lettering.

There was also a barrel that held the tin cans separately.

It would also be nice to know what particular day or days the truck is available.

Thank you for your reply. Your answers are always available and of the best. — No Name, Auburn

ANSWER: Again today, Sun Spots got an answer to your question from Nick Labbe, deputy director of Public Works for Auburn, who responded by email:


“The city of Auburn maintains several recycling trucks for the purpose of picking up recycling materials curbside throughout the city. The city used to leave an older recycling truck at the MMWAC facility to collect recycling materials from residents.

“Unfortunately, this vehicle is no longer available due to mechanical issues. The city has replaced this truck with one of its two functioning trucks. These two trucks do not have recycling-related marketing on them like the old truck did. The separated sections on the old truck are not on the newer truck. Residents can just place their materials into the side bin on the truck.

“The truck left at MMWAC is also used when the other recycling truck breaks down; unfortunately, this is sometimes frequent. Therefore the truck is taken from MMWAC and used to pick up curbside materials around the city leaving the MMWAC facility without a recycling truck/container.

“The city is working toward refining and detailing its recycling operations. Included in this will be a permanent container system for recyclables at MMWAC, therefore alleviating the current issues.

“Until then the Public Works Department will continue to utilize the resources it has. We will endeavor to have a truck at MMWAC over the weekend days since this is when it is needed the most.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this process has created. The Public Works Department is working hard to provide you with the best services possible. We are optimistic that the new year will bring with it an improved recycling program for the city of Auburn.”

CHRISTMAS STORY UPDATE: On Jan. 2 a reader asked about a Christmas serial that ran in the old Evening Journal in December from about 1970-1972. Sun Spots did not locate it, but her resourceful co-worker Corey, who edits the Connections pages in the Sun Journal, did.

Corey found that it “began in the Lewiston Evening Journal on Dec 9, 1974, on Page 7 (which is Page 4 in the Google archive). Scroll over a few pages from this link: http://tinyurl.com/ba2otng

“It looks like it was called Juniper Perper (or all one word?) by Robert “Bob” Boyle. I haven’t checked to see if the serial continued the next day or one week later but that should be a start.

“Here somebody else compiled links to all the chapters (not in our paper but it appears to be a camera-ready feature): http://tinyurl.com/b6aqgxe”

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