Not a disaster


There is something people should know about war: young men die. There has never been a war in which no one died, and there never will be. Our country, America, is at war. Our young men will die. No one can prevent it.

We can prevent something: calling the deaths of American soldiers a disaster. They are not a disaster. How can anyone call the lives given by young men of America – for love of their country, and for love of freedom – a disaster?

Not only did they die for their love of America and for their love of freedom, but also they died for your love of America and for your love of freedom.

Our soldiers are fighting a worthwhile cause. They trying their hardest and best to keep terrorists and evildoers away from our shores and others, and I believe they are doing a fine job of it. I also believe they would do a finer job if they had more help, with more numbers of soldiers.

Our young men are dying in this war to keep you safe, and to keep you free. If you call that a disaster, you probably don’t deserve to be safe or free.

Natasha L. Kimball, Hartford