A disgusting reaction


I am writing this in regard to the topless march in Farmington on April 30.

I want to express my feelings to Andrea Simoneau; thanks to her, I had rude comments shouted at me as I was simply walking to campus. Before the event had even started, I had several men shout things out at me — very degrading things. One specific comment came from an older man who said, “Hey, honey, you should be in the parade. It’s back that way.”

I feel that was disgusting and degrading because I knew what he meant.

I also had several older men straight-out staring at me and whistling; all because of that march.

I want to “thank” Simoneau. Because of her and her idea about changing a long-time societal value, I was made to feel disgusted and uncomfortable on my way to campus.

She did not think about how her actions would affect others.


Honestly, it was disgusting to see a 60-year-old man waiting to videotape a bunch of college girls topless.

To Simoneau, I would like to say good luck changing people’s views on this, because all the demonstration proved was how perverted people are and exactly what members of society think when they see a topless woman.

Sarah Kelly, Farmington