Disregarded the content


This is a response to David Marquis’ letter published March 13 criticizing my letter of March 6.

Marquis completely disregarded the content of my letter, which concerned only Maine state government policies. He focused on Congress. He shed no light on solutions to Maine’s problems.

I noted that Maine is in economic quicksand because of the policies of the Democratic party. If people like Maine’s rampant welfare, multibillion-dollar debt, high health insurance costs, inefficient government, high taxes and the loss of jobs, they can vote Democratic.

The Republicans have offered, and continue to offer, remedies which are voted down without good reason. The Democrats have created these problems during the past 30 years and the Republicans cannot fix them overnight, but corrections must start.

I don’t believe Marquis has read the Democrats’ congressional health care bill, but that’s not so bad, since many Democratic senators and representatives haven’t read the entire bill, either. Others who have read it quote many troubling parts which defy common sense and good judgment. Even worse, it has become a “trophy” for President Barack Obama to win by any means possible.

Every poll of voters has shown a majority is not in favor of the bill. The Democratic leaders don’t listen.

Republicans say kill the bill and let’s start over again.

Thomas F. Shields, Auburn