Divers volunteering to clean up lakes


WILTON – The folks at Mainely Scuba are all set to have a busy summer.

In addition to searching for the missing wreck of the “Don” in Casco Bay, they plan to do some philanthropic diving in local lakes and ponds this summer, in hopes clearing up the bottoms of Clearwater and Wilson Lakes.

Dayl Kaulback, who co-owns the Wilton dive shop with Jim Smith and Steve Vining, said they plan to “get a bunch of divers” together on June 17 to take up the broken glass and the tires from heavily trafficked shoreline area near town.

They hope to find 10 volunteer divers and 10 others who will volunteer to move the trash picked up by the divers to the dumpster they plan to rent.

“We want to do some stuff to give back to the community a little bit,” Kaulback said Thursday. “We’re trying to revitalize the Wilton downtown area. We’d like to make it like the Old Port in Portland.”

Kaulback says that if possible, the Mainely Scuba group wants to get to as many lakes as it can this summer. Anyone who wants to help out can call the dive shop at 645-9038.