Dixfield animal group seeking donations for Christmas fundraiser


DIXFIELD — River Valley Animal Advocates and the Dixfield town office are seeking donations in the form of kitty litter, cat food and money for the group’s annual Christmas for Kitties fundraiser, Vice President Brenda Jarvis said Thursday evening.

River Valley Animal Advocates was founded in October 2009, and attempts to “promote and support healthy, loving and positive connections and interactions between humans and animals for the physical, emotional and spiritual betterment of them all.”

Jarvis explained that every year around Christmas, River Valley Animal Advocates asks residents to donate to the group to help provide quality care to the 30 stray or homeless cats at their four locations throughout the River Valley.

“We’re taking care of 30 or 40 cats between all of our locations, and as a result, it can take a lot of supplies to keep everything running smoothly,” Jarvis said. “We can always use some cat food, whether it’s canned or dry, and cat litter. We try to use scoop-able cat litter because it’s less expensive in the long run. Also, we accept any types of money donations. It can get pricey to keep the heat and lights on at our locations, so any sort of donation helps us.”

Donations can be dropped off at the Dixfield Town Office or at the Dixfield Log Cabin, Jarvis said.

The Town Office will accept donations for the fundraiser until Dec. 19.

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