Dixfield library has new books


DIXFIELD – June arrivals at the Ludden Memorial Library have been announced.

Adult fiction

“The Sleeping Doll,” Deaver; “City of Fire,” Ellis; “The Navigator,” Cussler; “The Last Dragon,” DeMari; “When the Heart Cries,” Woodsmall; “The Blue Zone,” Gross; “North River, Hamill’ “Double Take,” Coulter; “Back on Blossom Street,” Macomber.

“Up in Honey’s Room,” Leonard; “The Owl and Moon Café,” Mapson; “White Corridor,” Fowler; “The Last Summer of the World,” Mitchell; “Woman in Red,” Goudge; “Lawman,” Palmer; “The Bourne Betrayal,” Lustbader.

“Whitewash,” Kava; “A Thousand Splendid Suns,” Hosseini; “Imposture,” Markovits; “Love Me If You Must,” Young; “Slipknot,” Greenlaw; “Lean Mean Thirteen,” Evanovich; “Raven Black,” Cleeves; “The War Against Miss Winter,” Haines; “Blaze,” Bachman; “Apache Blanco,” Ballas.

Adult nonfiction

“The North’s Last Boys in Blue,” Hoar; “I Can Handle It!,” Jeffers; “Driving with Dead People,” Holloway; “My First Five Husbands,” McClanahan; “Washington, D.C. Day by Day”; “New York City Day by Day”; “Cosmos and Psyche,” Tarnas; ” Fix It and Forget It,” Good; “Settling the Maine Wilderness,” MacDougall.

Large print adult fiction

“Grace at Low Tide,” Hart; “Shadow Bones,” Rhoads; “Disappearances,” Mosher; “Dream When You’re Feeling Blue,” Berg; “Good News from North Haven,” Lindvall; “Apache Blanco,” Ballas; “Summer’s End,” Cote.

Juvenile fiction

“Wolves,” Gravett; “Deep in the Swamp,” Bateman; “Stuck in the Middle,” Hoover; “Picture Perfect,” Alphin; “The Off Season,” Murdock; “The Death Collector,” Richards; “The Misadventures of Benjamin Bartholomew Piff,” Lethcoe; “Wag a Tail,” Ehlert; “Hush Little Digger,” Olson.

“I’d Really Like To Eat a Child,” Donnio; “Didn’t didn’t do it,” Morrow; “Cock-a-Doodle Quack!Quack!,” Baddiel; “Where To Little Wombat?,” Fuge; “Blind Faith,” Wittlinger; “Sandpiper,” Wittlinger; “The Prince and the Pauper,” Twain.

“On the Wings of Heroes,” Peck; “Sherman Swaps Shells,” Clarke; “You Have to be Nice to Someone on Their Birthday,” Bottner; “Michael’s Golden Rules,” Jordan; “Bye Bye Binky,” Weninger; “For You Are a Kenyan Child,” Cunnane; “Heat Wave,” Spinelli; “Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic,” Miller.

Juvenile paperbacks

“Who Needs Boys,” Davis.

Juvenile nonfiction

“Endangered and Extinct Prehistoric Animals,” Bright; “Fairyopolis: A Flower Fairies Journal.”

Audio CDs

“Tall Grass,” Dallas; “The Land of Mango Sunsets,” Frank; “Stormy Weather,” Jiles.


“Because I Said So”; “Chicken Soup for the Soul”; “The Pursuit of Happyness”; “Night at the Museum”; “A Fool and His Money.”

Adult paperbacks

“Your Bed or Mine,” Halliday; “Rogue Lawman,” Brandvold; “The Penalty Box,” Martin; “No Regrets,” Butcher; “Dark Seduction,” Joyce; “Does a Lobsterman Wear Pants?,” Delinsky; “Highland Warrior,” Mason; “A Dangerous Man,” Camp; “The Lonely Breed,” Leslie.