Dixfield selectmen approve revisions to town’s Personal Use of Town Vehicles policy


DIXFIELD — The Board of Selectmen unanimously voted Monday to approve minor revisions to the town’s Personal Use of Town Vehicles policy.

The board agreed Feb. 10 to make changes, including having a daily log book for Public Works Department employees to fill out if they use a truck out of town.

“This way, if someone says that they saw the one-ton truck in Auburn, we can go back and look in the log and see if the truck was scheduled to be used there,” Selectman Dana Whittemore said.

Selectman Bob Withrow asked Town Manager Linda Pagels-Wentworth whether a daily log book is something the town uses.

“Once you approve the revisions, the town will begin practicing it,” Pagels-Wentworth replied.

Selectman Hart Daley said he thought a daily log book is a good idea and a way to make everyone accountable for their use of the vehicles.

Among the other policy revisions made was that an employee could bring a town vehicle to their house if a job site was on the way to or from an employee’s home.

In other business, Pagels-Wentworth announced that she made a list of legal representatives the town could use.

Discussion on finding new legal representation began during the Feb. 10 board meeting, after the board discovered the cost of hiring legal representation from Portland was more expensive.

“They have three or four hours’ worth of travel time, on top of their regular fee,” Selectman Scott Belskis said then. “At the end of the day, you’re sitting on top of a chunk of change. There are local firms that could do the same thing without the cost of travel fees.”

Pagels-Wentworth said she found nine firms selectmen could choose from, if they “wish to take that route.”

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