Did your DIY project go awry?


The plans looked so easy when you picked them up at the local hardware store. A few holes to drill, some nails to pound and that would be that. Your kid would have a new treehouse and you’d be the hero of the family. Only, it didn’t turn out that way, did it, sport?

Instead of a treehouse, you wound up with a few pieces of lumber stuck to a tree, a dead family of squirrels and a concussion. Not to mention your kid’s great disappointment and screams of laughter from the neighbors.

Don’t fret, Bob Villa. Most of us have slung the hammer and drill at one time or another and accomplished nothing but hilarity. Well, not me personally, but I’ll bet you have a do-it-yourself nightmare story or two and we’d love to hear them. Just don’t hurt yourself with the pen while writing to us. The pointy end goes down.

Send your tale of DIY gone awry (or your husband’s!) to Mark LaFlamme at [email protected] or mail to Mark LaFlamme, DIY Gone Awry, Sun Journal, 104 Park St., Lewiston, Maine 04240