Doesn't represent his constituents


I have worked as a personal care assistant, and I have seen so many people who rely on Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. Without it, their lives are on the line.

Rep. Bruce Poliquin has repeatedly voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act and cut medical benefits for the elderly and Mainers with disabilities. He is getting ready to vote for tax cuts for the rich while cutting programs such as Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. Those programs are needed all across the country. Mainers need them.

Poliquin should vote to protect the Mainers he represents.

Josette Malacaria, Auburn

  • Richard Begin

    Josette I beg to differ with you.Congressman Bruce Poliquin represents all of us here in the 2md CD I agree with Mr. Poliquin Obama Care is useless engineered by Susan Collins and Olympia J Snowe .

    Josette have you read the Tax Plan ? Do you really believe that the Congressman would try to place Maine Seniors in a Position of being Vulnerable ? I suggest that you get the facts straight before you attack Our Congressman

    • Midnight Tree Bandit

      Doesn’t represent me so I guess he doesn’t actually represent ALL of us. And Question 2 had ample support is CD2 as well as CD1, so I reckon he doesn’t represent those who voted Yes on 2 either.

    • Rene Veilleux

      Certainly does NOT represent me either.

  • Richard Begin

    Midnight. Congressman represents all of us in the 2nd Cd and our great Governor has a way to make those who want Medicaid expansion Need to understand they need to come up with the Funds to get it Going

    You see Midnight the Reason Donald Trump got elected and Paul Lepage got elected is because everything that mattered and worked previously doesn’t work anymore.>That is why who ever opposes Bruce Poliquin won’t have a leg to stand on.

    We Trump supporters are going nowhere and there are many more than ones imagines The swamp is bigger than originally thought to Be Congressman Poliquins support of veterans is real and deep unlike his predecessor Congressman came up with the Idea for the US Army to purchase Footwear made in Maine at New Balance , I could go on also Health care is not a right

    • Rene Veilleux

      Shows a true representation of the Fox Noise, low information voter! FYI! Mike Michaud is the one who started the whole ball rolling on the US purchasing US made shoes for the military – not Republican Patsy Poliquin. Michaud also was named as one of the highest rated Congressman by the Veterans for several years running. Know nothing Poliquin is a yes man to the buffoon we now have in the Oval Office. Yeah, you could go on, Dicky, but you’d only show the world how little you actually know.

  • Richard Begin

    I Liked Mike oh yes Mike Michaud was a complete do nothing like his Predecessor Baldacci Tell me why Mike Michaud not defeat Governor Lepage ?

    You may be right about Mr. Michaud’s part in the New Balance if I was not so informed it’s gift that you had the inside info